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triple bottom line success for people, planet, prosperity by design

meet wendy
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meet Wendy

For over 30 years, Wendy Collie has powered brands that propel triple bottom line profitability through vibrant ways of doing business that stand out in the marketplace and set a new standard. New to the triple bottom line concept? Check out this summary.


Wendy now works with organizations and corporations as an Interim C-Suite Leader, through strategic Consulting roles and Executive Leadership Coaching. In partnership with Wendy, high-growth organizations better integrate their strategy and culture to be more progressive and inclusive. Success is measured and shared by both stakeholders and shareholders, no matter the size of the company.

As a Fortune 200 senior executive, Wendy is known for her authenticity and ability to engage with people from entry level to executives—from the break room to the board room, and for building high performing teams domestically and internationally.


Wendy's leadership has earned awards including Portland Business Journal’s Executive of the Year and Women of Influencer Award.


Wendy's career highlights...

Better Way Business with Wendy Collie Logo Only (white).png

At Starbucks Coffee Company for over 18 years both in the United States and Europe, with responsibility for company operated, licensed stores, and international subsidiaries during her tenure.

As President, Wendy repositioned the brand, simplified operations, elevated the whole family experience, enhanced the curriculum, and focused on internal talent development as a competitive advantage.


As President and CEO, Wendy doubled the size of the company while deepening the triple bottom line—becoming the first grocery in the world to receive a B Corp certification, and national recognition as a top ten grocery store nationally. 

Better Way Business with Wendy Collie Logo Only (white).png
Better Way Business with Wendy Collie Logo Only (white).png
Better Way Business with Wendy Collie Logo Only (white).png
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Through Better Way Business, Wendy has held interim C-Suite roles at companies like Salt & Straw and Evergreens Salads while continuing to coach CEOs and executive leaders following the roles' completion. She serves as a Board Member for Indow Windows and Evergreens Salads, and is on the advisory boards for Wildfang and Empower Bodycare, as well as serving the largest global alumni network for Starbucks, the Green Apron Alliance.

to be continued...

Better Way Business with Wendy Collie Logo Only (white).png

find your better way with Wendy Collie




the world of work is changing

"Institutional and corporate structures must be more creative, inclusive and progressive around how the work gets done.


We need to break the traditional leadership wheel that's in place to be successful.


Purpose-driven companies can see each of their employees’ unique contributions advance meaningful social and economic change. Leaders can deliver on that promise and have an enduring impact. And, I can help."



If your organization is in transition, Wendy's leadership can provide direction as an Interim C-Suite Executive, with the possibility of fulfilling a board member role following for ongoing strategic support. 

Wendy's leadership can be valuable to an organization in a position to advance or shift their company position and culture to be progressive, inclusive and purpose-driven while growing and scaling the business.

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Wendy Collie, Cover Story Feature


Wendy coaches leaders to create a culture of trust, put people and purpose first, to remove barriers, and provide opportunities for people to realize their true potential.  


Leaders coached by Wendy unlock new dimensions of leadership effectiveness. Clients see results that surpass expectations through their teams' ideas shaping an engaging work environment with innovation through continuous learning.


Coaching can be a standalone partnership with Wendy—1:1 or group coaching. It can also be provided within a consulting role. 




Whether a company is in an early growth, high growth, or transformation stage, Wendy’s diverse wealth of experience brings trusted partnership, insights, and proven results.

Consulting services may provide support in...

  • Rethinking Strategy

  • Accelerating Purpose-Driven Mission

  • Establishing Triple Bottom Line Measurements of Success

  • Facilitating Collaborative Sessions with Teams and Leaders

  • Creating Value Propositions Beyond Product Offerings



From TEDx events to podcasts, company convenings, conferences and more—Wendy is a dynamic speaker and a thought leader that will challenge and inspire.

Contact Wendy for availability and scheduling.

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Wendy Collie, B Corp Summit Ted Talk

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